Rudyard Kipling

Ruyard Kipling was born in Bombay, India, in 1865. He stayed there until the age of 6 and then he moved in England with his 3 years old sister. He moved there to attend English school because his parents didn't consider the Indian one appropriate. He came back to India at the age of 17 without attending University; despite that he was considered very clever.
Kipling's first novel "The light had failed" was written after an accurate study of the articles of Gazzetta. He started working as a journalist, like a truly Victorian writer would do. His first novels were initially considered short stories for children but eventually they were riconsidered for adults as well.
His spent his life travelling around the world and that's why he's called the "Cosmopolitan Writer". The settings of his plots are very often torn between the two worlds of India and England. He was also so much influenced by an Indian babysitter that grew him up.
He dedicated his life writing different things: he wrote novels as well as poems as well as articles.


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