Considered one of the greatest writer ever even if Shakespeare’s life still lies in mystery.
We know very little about his life, documents seems to confirm that he was born in Stratford in a fairly wealthy family, at the age of 18 he married Anne Hathaway and they had three children. We know nothing about the following 7 years but in 1592 he is finally mentioned in a pamphlet by Robert Green so, from now on, we are sure he was in London.
He worked as an actor and playwright for 20 years in London coming back home occasionally to see his family and wife. He retired in 1611 and died in 1616.

He works in the so called “Golden Age” which is the most glorious period for British literature. When he began to work he was mainly re-writing old works and started to write Comedies even if he’s mostly famous for his great tragedies. There are also the romances which are not suitable in any older category.

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