The Twentieth Century

At the beginning of the Twentieth century, in England, many things were about to change.
Queen Victoria was dead (1901) and her son, Edward the VII, was the current king and during his brief reign the Liberal Party beat the Conservatives and the Labour Party entered the House of Common with their first 50 seats.
After this first period of the century, when a few laws were introduced in order to upgrade the social situation, the First World War exploded. After those terrible years the idea of war changed forever, what was previously seen as a moment of glory for the nation was now seen like something brutal and terrifying.

The period in between the two wars was particularly important for women who, after the suffragettes movement of protest, obtain the right to vote in 1918. This was a crucial period also for the Irish Question given that Ireland was finally declared independent, except for the territories of Ulster which are still under the control of the United Kingdom, thanks to the mediation of Michael Collins who was also the organizer of The Irish Republican Army (IRA) which is still active in Ireland.

Another important fact of this controversial period is the birth of Commonwealth and the Decline of the Empire.


Suffragets showing their famous motto.


Soldiers used to live in the trenches which had terrible conditions.

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